Are road cruises the new five star holidays?


When you ask people why they enjoyed their sea cruise, a lot will say it’s the adventure; the adventure you get when you call at a new destination each day – It’s like having lots of little breaks within one holiday. This is the same advantage being enjoyed by a growing number of people across the UK who choose to take a road cruise, because it’s just like an adventure – you get to enjoy different destinations throughout your holiday.

A road cruise holiday is also a great way to enjoy the beautiful UK countryside; and with there being so many places to visit the best way to travel is by motorhome or by car with your caravan in tow, purely because of the freedom you get – you can literately wake up in a new place every day – especially great if you’re planning on touring the highlands of Scotland, the Welsh valleys or the coastal havens scattered throughout the UK. Here’s a thought, why don’t you consider touring France – Brittany can be stunning from April to August.

Another reason why road cruise holidays can be great is it allows you to re-connect with your friends and family; holidaying by motorhome or caravan allows you all to be together – to really enjoy each other’s. You could spend the night by the sea, by the side of a lake near a forest, or at the foot of a mountain – the possibilities are endless.

How about relaxing and unwinding in Hay-on-Wye (the town of books)? Or why not enjoy the breath-taking Brecon Beacons and visit Pencelli Castle Park where you meet red deer. Or how about a road cruise to Scotland? You could even tour the whisky-producing regions, like Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland and Spreyside – after all it would be rude not too! A road cruise holiday lets you discover more and enjoy more, at a place that suits you. It gives you freedom.

Another reason to experience a road cruise holiday is the choices it presents; you might just want to enjoy the luxury and modern convenience of a motorhome or caravan; you may be looking for a relaxing, peaceful holiday, or, it might be an action-pack adventure you are seeking, with a road cruise holiday you can do both – literally! Take your bike, your hiking gear and beach towel, and don’t forget a good book.

Other places to consider visiting could include central England, Cornwall, Devon – how about Belgium or why not enjoy the vistas along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria.

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